About Us

Amka is a non-profit organization, founded in 2001 by the encounter of two different cultures and the desire to contribute to the real improvement of the life of the populations living in the southern hemisphere.

The association began its work thanks to a small group of people who were struck by the situations of their Congolese friends and who decided that they wanted to support the change of the stagnant condition of poverty.

Over the last ten years, AMKA has become an organization that is present in Italy, as well as in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where there are thirty people on the field and 11,000 beneficiaries.  In addition, starting in 2009, the project area expanded and is now active in a new area of intervention, in the Péten region of Guatemala.

Local identity is essential to AMKA’s structure and objectives because we believe that only thanks to the close collaboration of our sister organization, AMKA Katanga, and the Guatemalan organization formed by local personnel, are we able to find project solutions that are adequate and sustainable in improving the conditions of their beneficiaries.

AMKA promotes self-development activities to support the process of reconstructing economic and social fabric and guarantee basic rights through active participation in carrying out integrated development projects in different sectors:

childhood education, adult literacy, basic health, malnutrition, vaccine campaigns, and the fight against the vertical transmission of HIV/AIDS, access to drinkable water, socio-economic development activities: microcredit, fair trade.

In its two Italian offices in Rome and Milan, AMKA deals with organizing information and training courses, conferences, exhibits, film screenings, debates and many other events.  Our goal is to promote awareness about the living conditions in developing countries and to sensitize public opinion.

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account held to: Associazione AMKA Onlus

Unicredit Agenzia 17004 Roma non profit
IBAN: IT 66 K 02008 03284 000102700123


Operational headquarters

 Roma Office
Viale Delle Medaglie D’Oro, 201 – 00136 Roma
Uff. + 39 06 64760188
Mob. + 39 393 6181607
Repubblic Democratica del Congo Office
Avenue de Gouyavier 5,
Commune de Kapemba Lubumbashi RDC
Guatemala Office
Nuevo Horizonte CA- 13 KM 443